Rōnin Work – A maker, making. I love woodworking, CNC and design.

I did it their way.
It's my turn.

Rōnin work


I'm Rōnin, a nickname given to me long ago while serving in the military.

Everyone loves talking about themselves; I don’t. But the rundown is I am a guy that has decided to NEVER work for the “man” again. I’m done. I am going to survive & thrive, my way. Thus… Rōnin Work.

My words:

Father & Husband. Vet. Woodworker. Blogger. Designer.

“He is an original thinker with an innate understanding of their customer’s needs, Rōnin Work is always a creative pleasure to work with.”

Jane Miller

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Top 10 selling projects for a CNC small business
These are ten ideas to get your small business CNC making money! #1. Tie Hanger. I personally really...
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Can I flatten an End Grain Cutting Board with a CNC?
Yes, you can! I have flattened End Grain Charcuterie Boards with no issue. What I will say because I...
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Your MATERIAL makes as much difference as your CNC.
I made a poll, because honestly this is me learning too about what materials people really like working...
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A thought about stains.
So, I just wanted to bring up my thoughts on using stains for your woodwork and how to make better decisions...
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Using tabs on your CNC project.
So when creating Tabs on your CNC work, what size do you use? I don’t have an easy answer for this one....
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Choosing a software for CNC
So again, the Ronin does what it does. I can only speak to my experiences and with software I really...
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Can you make money with a home CNC business?
So the standard CNC question. Can you make money with a CNC machine? My first every paid job. And yes,...
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What it actually took me to run my CNC.
So, for real. Just like anything in our society- the CNC industry is based on making money. I will blog...
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